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University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

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Clerks said not to wait for anything before June 26, they are changing something in Guardian CF wide and they don't have access to peoplesoft. Don't know all the details I'm not a clerk.
There was an email sent out yesterday explaining the transition, supposed to take about a week for guardian to fully take over. After that all pers info is supposed to be generated by guardian, including pay and career related stuff.
That's the way I understood it at least.
BGRS is the people that make your move and HHT. I'm going to a civy school in Quebec  (UQTR)
Hi guys. I have a good one for you today.
I applied for UTPNCM to serve as a PSO. Did 14 university courses on my own time since 2015 (give or take 50% of my Bachelor's degree in psychology). Good Cfat, lots of extra duties, the branch accepted my waiver to continue my degree in my region and so on. My BPSO told me that I did my homework and I would make a good candidate for UTPNCM this year. But as long as you don't have a message in your hands you never know. So time passes by and I become more and more anxious about my answer, coming to a point that a definite NO would be better than the wait. As May and June went by, and seeing many of you guys accepted, I told myself ''ok, not this year'' and I'm fine with it. Today, we received the non-selection message for UTPNCM and my name is not on it!!! So the chief clerk from my unit called Ottawa for a sitrep and they never got my file, which was sent by PSO office on January 31st. This happened to another of my co-workers in April so I even double checked with them back then, to make sure this was not happening to me as well. So my file was sent again today and we will see from there.
Congratulations! That was a quick turnaround of your file.

Any additional SCP selections out there?
Can confirm. I'm the other coworker lol. Yeah that was a shit show this year. Two people from just our unit had their files deleted without ever having them opened. We know they were sent, it's just Ottawa apparently deleted them.
Same deal with me though, except much earlier in the summer. As soon as they found out, bpso re-sent my file and just a few days later I had my offer come in and a few weeks or so after that they sent my posting message.
My utpncm posting message says BMOQ equivalency granted. Losing unit to enter the qual AIPB.

As an acting lacky, without plq,  I was under the impression that I would have to do bmoq mod 2. As far as I can tell though, AIPB is the qual for the whole BMOQ.

Am I reading this wrong? Hoping someone on here could shed some light before I go and bug my OR.
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