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University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

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I have some troops working for me that are interested in the University Training Plan (NCM). I have reviewed the relevant CFAOs with them and the 2006 Competition message.  I would like to put them in contact with some applicants or successful applicants who are now at university.  If you would be willing to assist them with advice or experiences please let me know. I am currently in sunny, cool Wainwright on BTE. :)


Here is the official site for the UTPNCM Association of Canada. I also noticed a Yahoo Chat Group linked to the site so you might be able to contact graduates/alumni of the program through that means.


Thanks, I had found the site previously but thought it might be designed exclusively for those attending RMC.  I will circulate to them to check out.
Good day all,

This is a question to all those who might be in the know to see if this can make sense. 

When getting selected to UTPNCM you keep being paid what your current salary is relative to your rank.  For example, I was a Master 4 when I was picked up, so I'm being paid at Master 4. 

In refering to the CF payscale, there is a row for officer cadets noted by the letter "D".

Canadian Forces Pay Scale
(Link updated May 2009 to CF site, please advise forum staff if link is broken due to changes in CF site structure.)

This is supposed to be for UTPNCM individuals but this is not the scale that we are paid on.  When I made an enquiry, no one in the pay office really knew why this was the case "it's just the way it works". 

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have the opportunity to keep my salary and go to school gratis, but this policy has just always not made much sense. 

Any thoughts?
I suspect that once you are commissioned from the UTPNCM program (and the incentive level catches up to where you are now), then you are on those "D" officer pay scales.  You will note that the other scales are based on entry plan to commissioned ranks as well.
I agree that the other scales are for other entry plans, just as "D" is for UTPNCM.  I also agree that once I'm commissioned I will be paid at payscale "D" for 2lt and lt. 

My question is that while I'm an OCDT, why would I not be paid at the "D" scale for UTPNCM?

13. Pay. Members selected for commissioning retain vested rights under
QR&O 204.07 and 204.072. Normally, candidates will be paid in
accordance with QR&O 204.2112, however, due to the complexity of pay
issues, each case will be determined by Director General Compensation and
Benefits/Director Pay Policy and Development (DGCB/DPPD) prior to a
selection offer being made to ensure the selected pay scale is appropriate.

You have vested rights to your pay, i.e., it cannot be reduced. If you are an OCdt under the program long enough for the OCDT "D" scale incentives to catch up to your current rate of pay, then you will change to that pay scale.

As a MCpl Incentive 4 you're getting 4475 per month.
As an OCdt on the "D" Scale your next raise will be your tenth incentive, i.e., 10 years in that rank.

Get commissioned before that and you'll get a raise at 2Lt incentive 3, Lt incentive 1, or on promotion to Captain.

CBI 204.211 discusses pay scales.  Sub-paras 4 and 10 apply in your case:

(4) (Rate of pay - University Training Plan (Non-commissioned Members) and Special Commissioning Plan) A lieutenant or second lieutenant to whom the University Training Plan (Non-Commissioned Members) or Special Commissioning Plan applies shall be paid, for each month after the month and year specified in the table, at the rate of pay for the officer's rank and and pay increment as follows

if appointed to the rank of officer cadet directly from the rank of private, in pay level A of Table "B" or "C" to this instruction;
if appointed to the rank of officer cadet directly from the rank of corporal or above, in pay level D of Table "B" or "C" to this instruction.
if commissioned directly to the rank of lieutenant or second lieutenant from a non-commissioned member rank, in pay level D of Table "B" or "C" to this instruction


(10) (Officer Cadet - former non-commissioned member) An officer cadet to whom an officer entry plan at paragraghs (4), (6), (7) or (8) applies, who is appointed directly to that rank from a non-commissioned rank shall be paid.

if the member was a non-commissioned member of the Regular Force, at the rate of pay which, including any upward adjustments to the rates of pay determined under subparagraphs (i) and (ii) that may be established from time to time, and any upward adjustments resulting from the reallocation of the last military occupation in which the member served as a non-commissioned member to a higher trade group, is the greater of the rate of pay established for
the rank, pay increment, pay level and trade group held on the day immediately prior to the date of appointment to the rank of officer cadet, or
any higher pay increment to which the member would have become entitled had the member remained in the former rank, pay level and trade group as a non-commissioned member; and
if the member was a former Regular Force member who re-enrols or a member who transfers from the Reserve Force to the Regular Force, at the rate of pay in pay level "D" in Table "A" and pay increment as determined in orders or instructions issued by the Chief of the Defence Staff.


And then see sub-para 11 as well, which states:

(11) (Limitations on pay increments) Subject to CBI 204.015 (Incentive Pay), the number of pay increment increases may not exceed the maximum number of pay increments for the applicable pay level and table to this instruction, and is further limited as follows:
b.  in the case of an officer cadet who is paid under pay level D in Table "A", to no pay increment increase regardless of time served in that rank;

All this to say:  You keep your pay and any future IPC increases; if you were put on pay table D you'd get no increases until comissioning.  Sounds like you've got the better deal.

Ummm, now I realize that I'm currently failing calculus, but I am usually a fairly intelligent numpty when it comes to CBI's and CFAO's and such..... but, if I maintain my pay (and retain any/all IPC's) what purpose do 10 Incentives serve?

If I am reading it correctly, I would have had to release in order to be covered under Table "A" Pay level "D" and even then authorization has to come from the CDS? Doesn't that seem a little strange? And, reading further, it doesn't matter anyway, because under Table "A" Pay level "D" you are not intitled to any incentive increases  ???

Does anyone know why we have such a screwy (seemingly) system of pay incentives for OCdt's? Why have any incentives at all, let alone ten, if the rules state that there is no movement?

Same with 2Lt "B", 4 incentives, but you are only allowed one. Lt "C", 9 incentives, allowed 3.

And I'm going LOG why?
Hi everyone. I am currently a Cpl RMS Clerk waiting until the 06/07 competition comes out for UTPNCM... I was told it would be sometime this week but I haven't seen anything as of yet. I have met all of the selection requirements (2 University credits, leadership potential, support from my CO, French training, Cpl rank etc) and I have filled out all of the required paperwork... just waiting until I can submit it. What I would like to find is a Pilot who could give me a bit more information than the recruiting centre has about the trade before I go into the interview, so that I can be completely prepared. Plus, I want to find out more about the aircrew selection testing in Trenton - there isn't any info on the recruiting site. All they tell you is that you need 20/20 vision. I have that, but I am sure that the testing is intense, and I want to know what I am getting into so that I can prepare (if it is possible to prepare - at least physically) Any help would be appreciated.
Did you try searching for aircrew selection or CFASC and did you review the Air Force threads?  Did you visit the CFASC website? Did you search for UTPNCM? Here is a freebie:


Also, you don't have to wait for the competition to open to submit your paperwork to the Chain of Command because once you have submitted it, it is up to them to make sure it gets over to the BPSO before the deadline and the way some COC work the sooner you submit the better off you will be.  Just make sure that you follow up to make sure that the COC is doing their job.

Note - If you know everything that is on the recruiting website about Pilot then you will be able to satisfactorily answer any question that the BPSO will ask you.
Thank you, yes I will probably get through the BPSO interview based on the information given on the recruiting website... however... I am more concerned with hearing from an actual pilot and what his day-to-day job entails, and how hard it was to get through the testing. You are right, I could submit the paperwork to my COC right away, but I would be assuming that none of the forms on the BPSS website have changed.

Thank you for the link to the Air Force threads, they have been a bit of help - but I have noticed since joining this site that people seem to be more comfortable cutting and pasting dialogue from the Recruiting site instead of actually answering questions. Believe me, I am very excited about switching to the Pilot trade and I have done my research  :) The reason I am posting on this site now is to get some info straight from an actual Pilot. Must be a few on here?
I'm only asking this because I've gotten conflicting answers from the PSO and the new UTPNCM 2007 competition message.  Do the University level OPME courses apply to the 2 course (ie 4 half course) requirement for the UTPNCM application?  I know it mentions it pretty clearly on the message, however I want to make sure I am not misreading anything.  I also don't want to go back to the PSO and say "HA! Told you so!", since I think that will do little to help my chances  ;D

ACS_Tech said:
  I know it mentions it pretty clearly on the message, however I want to make sure I am not misreading anything. 

Why are you wasting Bandwidth?  It clearly says in the Message, is what you say in your post, so that is it.  Final answer.  You are the weakest link.  Good bye!
Hmm makes for an interesting change.  Is it for all OPMEs?  I wouldn't think that Intro to defence management and Military Law would qualify as they aren't really a course in the university sense.  Can you post the CANFORGEN?  I don't seem to be able to access it.
DCE001 and DCE002 do not count as they are PD courses and not Univeristy level. The other 4 will count. You can have them transferred to RMC as an interest only student and request a transcript for an official record with grades.

You can find out about all this by calling RMC DCS (Continuing Studies) and checking out the website

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Same applies to civilian universities.  The UTPNCM selection board wants to see University courses completed... not OPME's
If your university grants you an equivalency credit, then it will reflect on your transcript and the PSO and UT board will be happy.  You can't show them a "P" on your MPRR and tell them it's a university course.
Most universities will grant credits for certain OPME's.  University of Ottawa for example, grants equivalencies for the 400 series OPMEs.
Hope this helps!
HIE 208, POE 206, HIE 475 and PSE 402 all count towards the UTPNCM program.  They all have equivalency at Memorial University in NL and are worth half a credit since they are only one semester courses.  Most universities will accept them as well ie U of Manitoba and U of Ottawa.  These are the only OPMEs that count as the other two you can do in a week and pass through the condensed courses run on base.  They are a pain to use as you have to transfer them on your transcript thus becoming a student at RMC with a full fledged student number and not your OPME student number that starts with a PXXXX.  Once that is complete you then have to request an official transcript from RMC.  As for the board looking at them favorably I cant see why they would not as they are quite difficult, and are core requirements for BMAS, BA, BSc at RMC.  Plus you will have a shiny transcript with your marks on it to show them.  Hope this helps!!
I was curious as to my situation should I get accepted to the UTPNCM program.  I am under the understanding that I would be lose my Sgt rank and become an OCdt.  Now the pay rate that I could expect is $4619 for OCdt incentive 10 on table A pay level D, but as it stands now I get Sgt Basic which is $4675.  So what happens with this situation?  Do I stay on the Sgt pay scale as you cannot go down in pay and stay at that incentive for 4 years, or do I go up to the SLt or Lt pay scales as that is what I get promoted to upon commissioning.

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