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What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

Full story and photos at link below.  :facepalm:

Charging head-long into battle! The experimental 'bayonet hat' that would have allowed British First World War soldiers to attack the enemy with their heads

Hat with six inch blade on top was brainchild of British solicitor Philip Baker
Soldiers could have used it to attack enemy by charging head first at them
Prototype cap was rejected by War Office which deemed it too dangerous
Rare item is now expected to sell for £3,000 when it is auctioned on June 25

ByEmma Glanfield

Published: 11:27 GMT, 10 June 2014

This extraordinary ‘bayonet hat’ would have allowed British soldiers in the First World War to attack the enemy with their heads if it was given the go-ahead, it has emerged.  However, the incredibly rare prototype cap - which comes with a sharp six inch blade fixed to the top of it - was deemed too dangerous for soldiers after being considered by the War Office.

It has now been discovered nearly 100 years after the war and is expected to sell for more than £3,000. 

The item was the brainchild of British solicitor Philip Baker who patented the invention in 1916 and offered it up to the War Office for consideration.  He gave them a prototype cap along with drawings showing how it worked.  It is thought the idea was for the wearer to stab the enemy with the knife on the top of the hat, either by ramming their head at them or by removing the hat and using it as a conventional knife.

It was one of numerous quirky weapon inventions that were produced during the First World War in a bid to give the British soldiers on the Western Front the upper hand.  Now the prototype hat, complete with knife fixed in position, has emerged for sale and is expected to sell for more than £3,000 when it is auctioned on June 25.

The original patent document is being sold with it, along with the basic drawings.  Matthew Tredwin, of C&T Auctioneers in Kent which is selling the item, said: ‘Many inventors and members of the public came up with ideas for items of uniform that may have helped protect the soldiers at the front.

‘This bayonet hat was meant for hand-to-hand combat and would have quite a barbaric weapon when you think about it.  ‘We can only assume this item was made to present to the War Office to gain approval, but obviously was not considered as was not by any means practical.

‘It is very rare however to find any examples of items that were created but never put into production. It is truly a unique item, that you will never find another example of.’  The prototype has been held by the Wilson Military Headgear History Research Centre in the US for many years.

The centre was set up by the late philanthropist Robert Wilson. He died last year from cancer and the hat has now returned to Britain where it is now being sold.  Terry Charman, of the Imperial War Museum, said: ‘After the war settled down into trench warfare, uniforms and weapons were tailored for hand-to-hand fighting.

‘This hat is one of the weird and wonderful inventions that people produced to give the British the upper hand over their opponents.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2653834/Charging-head-long-battle-The-experimental-bayonet-hat-allowed-British-First-World-War-soldiers-attack-enemy-heads.html#ixzz34G3UaTZC
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jollyjacktar said:
Full story and photos at link below.  :facepalm:

I tend to look at The Daily Mail as nothing more than a tabloid, along the lines of The National Enquirer.

And they really need to learn to condense their headlines.  Case in point: Teenage father-to-be died when he tripped over a shoe onto his freestanding sunbed and a piece of glass bulb pierced his throat  ::)  The URL link is shorter than the headline.  Of course, at least now I don't have to read the article....
and the best part.......the articles come with pictures, so you really don't need to read the article.... :D
No...more tickets means more govt funding. Meaning more of our money goes to private pockets. More money in the system wouldve already worked if it was meant to. More tickets doesnt do jack, obviously the more facist weve become the shittier overall quality.

From the famous Facebook!
An overpaid, former athlete and sports pundit compares playing for a national soccer team to serving in the British military. Talk about disrespectful...

Yahoo Sports

Ian Wright suggests bizarre punishment for players who do not want to represent England
By Ryan Bailey | Dirty Tackle – 10 hours ago


On the back of Redknapp's claims, former England striker and current shouty pundit Ian Wright has offered his thoughts on the issue in his column in The Sun. His solution to those who shirk their duty is to make them talk to bereaved parents of fallen military personnel (quotes via The Independent):

"The next young player who says he does not want to play for England should be ordered to ring the parents of a soldier who has died serving his country in Afghanistan and tell them his reasons."

Comparing the sacrifice of a soldier at war to an overpaid athlete who doesn't want to play a game of football seems a little inappropriate and overly jingoistic. Regardless, Wrighty continues:

"I’m sure some people will read this and think ‘Get off your high horse, Wrighty’.

"And they’ll probably say I’m out of order for mentioning Afghanistan in this context. But think of the sacrifice Our Boys made and then consider whether a bit of stick from the fans and media is such a terrible thing to face."

Failed bid for med school no basis for suit: judge

She dreamed of becoming a doctor. But when a Winnipeg woman wasn't accepted into the faculty of medicine, she tried to sue the University of Manitoba and the provincial government.

Led by her father, a lawyer, the pair has spent the past few years fighting what they say is an unfair admissions process that breached her charter rights by denying entry into a program she was "entitled" to.

Now a judge has stepped in. In a strongly worded decision, he took aim at what is being described as a "frivolous, vexatious and absolute abuse of process" that has tied up countless resources, has no basis in law and resembles the type of litigation often seen in the United States, but rarely filed in Canada.

"That she did not get into medical school at this university is unfortunate for her and disappointing to her parents. Regrettably, setbacks and denied aspirations are a part of life," said Queen's Bench Justice Chris Martin. "Yet, to confront this through a lawsuit with the attendant substantial expenditure of time, effort and money to the specific defendants, as well as to the plaintiff herself, and to the administration of justice generally, is remarkable."

More at link

This is what happens when games are played but no score is kept and everyone gets a ribbon just for participating.

PMedMoe said:
Regrettably, setbacks and denied aspirations are a part of life

Maybe that one line should be stickied in the Recruiting threads.....although I suspect that "regrettably" and "aspirations" have too many syllables.

Plus many will figure that "aspirations" has something to do with taking Aspirins.
I was just about to post this in here - I woke up to that on my morning electronic Medical Post today...actually brightened my day up.  Was going to say something unkind about the dad being a lawyer because he couldn't get into medical school himself (which may actually be the reason he decided to take a second run at things), but I'd likely get sued too.  My question to the daughter would be why did she apply to only one medical school if she was so Hell bent on being a doctor in the first place?  Second would be why she didn't figure out what the real problem was, correct it and try again, instead of clinging to the thin hope that a judge might think she should have been chosen instead of someone else?

Journeyman said:
Maybe that one line should be stickied in the Recruiting threads.....although I suspect that "regrettably" and "aspirations" have too many syllables.

Plus many will figure that "aspirations" has something to do with taking Aspirins.

I can't wait to see the first lawsuit against the CAF and CFRG for rejecting someone who thinks s/he is "entitled" to join as their preferred trade (or at all). 
There is something about penes as evidence in legal cases in Manassas. First Lorena Bobbit, now this.

Manassas police won't serve warrant seeking photo of teen's penis


Manassas police on Thursday afternoon said they will not serve a search warrant that would have ordered a photo of a city teen's aroused penis as part of a “sexting” investigation.

City police Lt. Brian Larkin said the warrant, which garnered national news coverage, won't go forward.

NBC 4 first reported the story last week, quoting a 17-year-old boy’s aunt as saying a magistrate signed off on a warrant and ordered photographs of the boy’s penis as evidence.

The teen, whom InsideNoVa.com is not naming because he is a juvenile, had been charged on Jan. 28 with manufacturing and distributing child pornography.

The charges stemmed from a complaint from a 15-year-old girl’s parents, who told police that the boy sent their daughter pornographic videos after “repeatedly being told to stop,” city police said in a news release.

A court date was set for June, but prosecutors dropped the charges.

Police later issued new charges of manufacturing and distributing child pornography, and a court date is pending. Manassas police on Thursday issued a statement saying it is up to prosecutors to decide if the case will move forward. Prince William Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert declined to comment.
In an email, the juvenile defendant's attorney, Jessica H. Foster, said the detective investigating the case "petitioned a local magistrate to issue a search warrant authorizing him to take a pictures of my juvenile client's erect penis."

The magistrate issued the search warrant and Foster said a hearing was set for July 15 on a motion to quash it.
Foster said she had planned to oppose the warrant "because it is intrusive, illegal and an abuse of authority," Foster said.

The teen’s aunt told NBC 4 that the 15-year-old involved was her nephew’s girlfriend.
I don't think this will pan out, as I have learned a penis looks different to every person depending how desperate they are.
Who would have thought that Steven Spielberg was in real life, a gun crazy hunter of innocent animals. Can't wait to see what happens when PETA finds out.

Retired AF Guy said:
Who would have thought that Steven Spielberg was in real life, a gun crazy hunter of innocent animals. Can't wait to see what happens when PETA finds out.

:facepalm: You can't fix stupid.
Retired AF Guy said:
Who would have thought that Steven Spielberg was in real life, a gun crazy hunter of innocent animals. Can't wait to see what happens when PETA finds out.
cupper said:
:facepalm: You can't fix stupid.

That bubble that these people live in seems to get proportionally larger with every class that graduates from a university.
Starting a second account here (against the rules) and using the same signature (which is your real name)....  :facepalm:
Muslim Nurses Complain Washing Hands Before Medical Procedures ‘Compromises Modesty’






Newest Laws in the UK have stated that Muslim nurses are no longer required to wash their hands before procedures. Muslim nurses claim that it compromises their modesty–if that’s the case, don’t work in the hospital then.

Anyways, health officials have acknowledged the, “danger of microbes and death.” They are instead supplementing this concern mandating the, “less sanitary option of wearing disposable plastic over-sleeves.”

The UK is allowing Sharia Law to creep in.
George Wallace said:
Muslim Nurses Complain Washing Hands Before Medical Procedures ‘Compromises Modesty’

Easy cure - revoke their licenses.

Somehow the Driver Failed to See the Irony in This 







I can't believe how obtuse some people are.  Is it deliberate?
Although this is typical boilerplate in personal injury lawsuits, it still makes you go WTF!  :facepalm:

Grandparents allege L.A. Kings ruined their sex life in lawsuit: report


The LA Kings have been on a roll of late, with two Stanley Cups in the last three seasons (and two in the last two full seasons, if you want to make it seem even better while simultaneously disrespecting the Chicago Blackhawks).

But that roll stops now. The Kings are reportedly being sued by two grandparents for ruining their sex life. Cut that out, Kings, and for shame!

So how did it happen? Are the Kings applying the same stifling defensive pressure in the bedroom of Trina and Dino Adam, the couple behind the suit, that they apply on the ice? Perhaps Darryl Sutter is just standing over the bed making faces? Maybe Dino feels he can't compete with Jeff Carter and his frosted tips?

None of the above. From TMZ:

The people behind the allegations are Trina and Dino Adam -- who claim they were at the L.A. Kings Icetown sports center in Riverside, CA back in January for their granddaughter's birthday party.

In the docs, the couple claims they were celebrating in a special room away from the ice rink in the sports center when a hockey puck zipped into the room and struck Trina in the head.

According to the suit, Trina was knocked out cold ... and her husband caught her before she hit the ground ... but she suffered serious injuries from the incident -- including nausea, headaches, mood swings, memory loss and more.

Trina's suffering is all there, and to add insult to injury (or in this case, further injury), a week after the incident, she lost her balance and fell down the stairs, fracturing her wrist. The blame for this tumble is being placed on the flying puck. Touch of the dizzies.

But Dino has suffered too. According to the suit, this whole ordeal has caused him to lose "enjoyment of sexual relations" with his wife.

That's right. While the standard correlation between winning hockey teams and hot sex is a good one, with birth rates increasing alongside sporting success, the Cup champion Kings are, according to this suit, responsible for the exact opposite. Bunch of sex-ruiners, they are.