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Title: Saudis eye Littoral Combat Ship purchase from Lockheed
Post by: S.M.A. on September 16, 2015, 12:47:19
A future LCS export customer? Perhaps it seems the Saudis may want something to counter the substantial "brown-water"/coastal forces the Iranians can field in the Persian Gulf?

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Saudis Said To Zero In on Lockheed LCS
By Christopher P. Cavas 11:20 a.m. EDT September 15, 2015

LONDON — The long-awaited deal to choose the frigates for Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Fleet modernization program could be closed before the end of the year, a knowledgeable source said, and the choice of ship will come as little surprise — a variant of Lockheed Martin’s littoral combat ship (LCS).

A letter of request (LoR) from the Saudi Navy that detailed requirements for the program was signed in early August, the source said, and the Saudis have reportedly asked the US Navy and Lockheed to complete a letter of agreement by November. After that, it’s up to the Saudis to agree to the US Foreign Military Sales program and sign.

Title: Saudis REJECT LCS purchase!
Post by: S.M.A. on January 10, 2016, 23:44:04
An update on the Saudi interest in the LCS:

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Saudi Arabia Reportedly Balks at US Frigate Offer
By Christopher P. Cavas 9:54 p.m. EST January 10, 2016

WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia has turned down a US Navy offer to build four frigates based on the Lockheed Martin littoral combat ship (LCS) design, sources familiar with the situation said, but the move is thought to be part of a continuing negotiation over price and schedule, not a rejection of the overall deal.

The Saudis were responding to a Nov. 22 US Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LoA) that contained more specific details of the deal, which was announced by the US Department of State on Oct. 20.

The ships are known as the Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC), based on the LCS but armed with surface-to-air missiles and a more robust combat system. The MMSC is the largest element of the Saudi Naval Expansion Program II (SNEP 2), a major effort to replace and modernize the kingdom’s eastern fleet that operates in the Persian Gulf.

Title: Re: Saudis eye Littoral Combat Ship purchase from Lockheed
Post by: Colin P on January 11, 2016, 12:03:22
when you can't sell the Saudi's a shiny new toy, there must be something wrong with it. Likely they asked "So other than drive around fast what can it do?"
Title: Re: Saudis eye Littoral Combat Ship purchase from Lockheed
Post by: FSTO on January 11, 2016, 12:05:17
It's not called the Little Crappy Ship for nothing.