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    Another Shooting in T.O., and one Councillor wants the army to come in.

    This just seems silly. The army does not really have the training to do day-to-day police work and there not much the army could do that the police cab with outwith Emergencies Act being inacted, and if it simply a man power issue would it not make more cents to bring in OPP and RCMP to...
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    Buying/selling Medals Superthread [merged]

    I was wondering about statements of service under 419.(c) my Grandfather passed away in the 1970's at that time he left to my dad a number of documents relating to his serivce with the Lincolnshire Regiment  of the British Army is it legal for me and my dad to own those? (sorry if this goes of...
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    I have a quite major spelling and writing disorder so I do apologizes  if my post may be hard to understand at times as that well I am a Native speaker of English my written comuication some time does not reflact that. Further as per your sujection I did add that Infomation to by Profile once...
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    I think the RCMP really have to push failure of Airport Staff to have translation (from what I heared Mr.Dziekanski was able the speak Russia wich should be resonable on the list of langage spoken by airport [furter I read that there was a staff member who spoke polish working that day]) had he...
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    Buying/selling Medals Superthread [merged]

    this are going back to the family anyways http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/story.html?id=ad0d08a1-d3ce-42f0-861e-5a31e5628daa&k=43492
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    Const. Chris Garrett Medal Thread- Merged

    There is one other possable option the GG and the PM could ask the Queen to award a George Cross. I know it outside the normal Canadain honour system however it would still be a high award and mark of valour. Of couse they could also pass an OIC to allow for this one award. Personally I don't...
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    Electoral Reform (Senate, Commons, & Gov Gen)

    My personal views would be for consesus goverment however given how strong the parties are that not going to happen so I think some form of PR is need
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    Why doesn't Canada have any type of Carrier ships??

    Carrier (aircaft or Assault) when these are the most usefull type of ship not only in terms of Warfare but also in term of humaniarian invention? Cost too? Too big of a crew? Too US style?  Now seem like a good time to get into the game we couled easy get two Invincible-class(maybe poltical...
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    Anti-War Protest Message Highlights

    So then Jamie we shouldn't withdraw then by your logic  ;)
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    Standing Contingency Task Force: A Canadian Marine Unit?

    the sad thing is a lot of people whining about this are the same people who all mad about how hard it was for us to get our citizens out of Lebanonduring the hostilities between Israel and the terrorists this summer. I was thinking at that time that ship like HMS  Ocean would have been perfect...
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    Standing Contingency Task Force: A Canadian Marine Unit?

    $1 Billion that seems a little high. The HMS Ocean cost about $352.19 million in 1998 so a like ship could be had for around $500 million at the most fro a billion we could have two wich would be better one on each coast. Indeed what Hiller is asking for is basicly and Ocean class  Landing...
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    Native Roadblock in Quebec

    ^ I'm not sure about using term protester there and those that use violence are criminals or even may be terrorists but sure as hell not legitimate protest  the vast majority of people advocating for aboriginal rights are angered by the people that take violent action. Even blocking a road well...
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    Victoria Cross

    I agree with the King that even if a man was to die for any crime (other then treason or high Treason) he should be allowed to wear the VC to the Hanging
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    What would change if (when) we had a King

    because this is link from a major page the Prince of Wales as all but offical stated that he will be George VII in honour of his Grandfather and because of the history linked to Charles so it likly that G VII R W V  R
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    the Prince of Wales badge from Wikipedia.com The badge is thought to have originated with Edward, the Black Prince, Ruler of Wales. According to legend, the Black Prince obtained the arms from John of Bohemia, against whom he fought in the Battle of Crécy in 1346. After the battle, the prince...