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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    I just wonder if they are going to do two separate calculations for the CT people... I.e. 5 yrs in PRes - At the Reserve Calculation Date of Transfer 2 yrs in Reg F - At the Reg F Calculation and to boot if you were a lower rank at transfer does that lower the payment? (Pte at time of...
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    Raising the bar for RMS clerk and supply

    Hi Sleepless in Ontario, I used to work in recruiting and yes sometimes they do "raise the bar" when they have very little positions to fill they want to ensure they get the best person for the job. Don't give up hope, if you want to make yourself more competitive try to improve your...
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    Packing a Ruck

    Both songs are an epic win. Good Job.
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    Afghan Ops Contest: Play and win a Softie 18 Antarctic Sleeping Bag! ($479 MSRP)

    This looks like an epic contest, i'm going to enter as many times as possible!!!
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    Problems and Bugs

    Hey, I've been trying for the -negative moral medal (-300 pts) and my Moral has been "stuck" at Morale: -254 (-6% CE) for a while, it says when i miss a bunch of combat readiness that it's -40, -32 etc... but it doesn't change my actual moral level... Am I doing something wrong?
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    Word association (just for fun)

    Conservative!  ;D
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    Moving Reimbursement Before Basic

    When they gave you the job offer did they not ask you if you wanted "Long Term Storage"? When I give out that information I usually arrange for the applicant to come in within the week to sign just that form... Before they get enrolled... So you are starting Basic Training tomorrow? (1 May)...
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    For the Kitchener, Barrie, and Hamilton applicant that I saw posted in the forum yesterday... Some of the offers have gone out, some of them are still going out today and tomorrow. Please be patient we are working hard to get all the offers out quickly and accurately. As for us not answering...
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    Moving Reimbursement Before Basic

    So I am assuming you already filled out the "Application to store Furniture and Effects" what happens after you sign that is (after the officer also signs) it gets sent to the ASU Traffic that's closest to you. They are the ones that set up your move, not the File managers at the RC. Once you...
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Problems and Bugs

    Thanks Airmich ... but I still didn't get that credit for the mission i was at 2016...and after I passed a trg mission it was still at 2016....
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    Problems and Bugs

    A bit of a problem here... I was at (39,968CE / 41,984CE) and now it only shows 2016, even after I passed a trg mission... it didn't add my points... so like dummy I tried again... and failed the next mission.. :S doh! Why does my real CE not show in the coloured bar??
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    Sept 2010 Contest: Design Your Bling

    How is this contest going? I haven't seen any recent posts/pics in a while...
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    Problems and Bugs

    Ok, i have a problem to share with the game... I spent all my CR and time, and patients to accomplish the medal "Sent them packing" by having "Cleared Insurgency In 5 Locations" I just finished the last location, and it says 5/5 but it won't let me get the medal or the +500 Int! Baaaah! Can...