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    Tac Vest does not make the grade.

    The major flaw ive seen with the TV and what alot of guys that have been to the gan say is the mag capacity or incapacity and id have to agree. I almost miss webbing at times for the simple fact that you could go to a surplus store grab some mag pouches and load up. You look at the options...
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    Your Favorite piece of Issue Gear

    Favorite piece of issued kit hmmm, all my CADPAT kit after doin my training with OD and Webbing, not that i dont like webbing its a great platform but i like the tac vest design better but unfortunatly thats where my appreitiation for it ends there are much better load bearing systems and vests...
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    This super armour will solve all the CF's problems (or Revenge of the Bear Suit)

    While I do enjoy the idea and we've all played some video games sporting a heavily armored good guy cutting swaths through untold numbers of baddies, but I cant help to think this will only create more problems. Back to the old idea well if you have a stick, I'll get a bigger stick and attach a...
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    Medical Chits

    thats what i was afraid of, o well, ill pass it up the chain of command and see what i can get. there are alot of guys in the unit that use them, and have stuff like SWAT boots and the chits to go with it, so i know it can be done, i juts thought id ask on here.
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    Medical Chits

    I've been talking to some of the guys in my unit about medical chits and using other kit. Before I looked into it more I wanted to ask on here. I'm looking to get a Jump Ruck, my buddy got one and I used it on an exercise, and instead of the next day my back being FUBAR I could move my neck and...
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    The Wearing and Location of The Poppy- Uniform/Civilian

    have u seen the new poppy insets? They have a plastic center and a pin that replaces the needle on the original and the black center and ensures you dont lose your poppy when moving. Our CQ had a few in this week quite an ingenious little thing. $2 bucks a pop they said. 
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    Online "Kit" Websites

    seen thank you, lol 1 month to go
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    Online "Kit" Websites

    what are the pre requisits for goin onto logistik unicorp i registered with my name and service number and its says because of there data base i cannot register an account?
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    Merged 64 Pattern Rucksack thread

    I was just wondering what everyone thought was a better ruck? Ive used both and personally like the 64 Jump ruck better but some people say the issue one is fine. Personally I find it throws my back out if anything is added onto it. ( I recently had a 522 strapped to it for a recce exercise in...
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    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    o i know believe me, i dont plan on goin anywhere. I was lucky, i didnt have to go through any paperwork, i was only a few weeks away from having to go through alot of red tape to get back in, im just glad I did return.
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    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    I defiantly understand what your going through. I did my BMQ and SQ courses and then had 2 weeks in between my SQ graduation and the start of my DP1. I did not go on course and went NES and got a civi job. At first it seemed like I was happy didn't want to go back. But then, I'd see a soldier in...
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    How to handle a telemarketer

    when i get a telemarketer i simply try to sell them one of the used objects in my house, but yelling the information into the phone while i do it until they hang up or begin to yell back and then you accuse them of harrasing you cause u know the call is being recorded and then u hang up.
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    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Note: Meaford has its own weather machine lol, weather in meaford differs from the rest of the world lol
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    C9 Foregrip/Bipod

    thanx guys. ill pass that on :)
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    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Winter Kit List? To my knowledge they only run two SQ courses both in the summer months. Dates vary every year usually 1st one starts at the beginning of July and the next at the end. My SQ course was in June however threw the co-op with the G & SF We had 3 weeks in the class and then 3...