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Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

We like to see new faces, but show us your ready for the unit, by working hard, sweating, ETC after that and your in, come find me, if im still in, I‘ll buy you a milk or a beer.

Where not ragging, just teaching you how to respect ones unit.
Prove Yourself Worthy And Im Sure The Boys From PLF Will Give Ya What ya Deserve

I was Instructed by a few Of them They are Bang on fellas Kinda Guys you want In a Trench With ya
Well I appologize.

As of now I am still a newbie and I dont know the ins and outs of the system.

Now that I am more informed, I retract my previous statments.
Originally posted by Infantry Soldier:
[qb] I heard there are no more summer BMQs, now it‘s just weekend or co-op. [/qb]
I was told I would probably be doing BMQ and MOC training in the summer.
All I know is that my BMQ takes up every weekend in March and all of March break...

So what would I do in summer if i‘m done basic?
Is there a thread that has a list of what all these acronyms mean?

I‘ve figured out that BMQ is basic military qualification, and BIQ is (a guess) Basic Infantry Qualification? SQ is (another guess) Soldier Qualification?
Originally posted by AlphaCharlie:
[qb] do you guys always rag on new guys this much?

I might not be frequenting these forums anymore if that‘s the case. [/qb]
I saw you‘re later post retracting this statement, but for those wqho stand by this (not necessarily meaning you AlphaCharlie) that it isnt a matter of "ragging" if you get challenged on something, or simply lectured. The majority of the guys on these forums know what they‘re talking about, and respect isnt given out here, its earned over time. (Im still working on that 1 :D )

Anyways, back on track. Are the weapons used in BMQ predetermined, or do we learn to use the C7, Carl-G and grenades etc ...as well as whatever happens to come along to the unit? Im aware that the Canadian Army tends to get this type of trend going, where its a "we use what we get" type of scenario.
As far as ive heard Only C7 is Taught On BMQ

Ive Also heard Of A Little C9 On BMQ But Thats a Rarity
Glad to see you‘ve seen the light.

During the summer you‘ll get your SQ/BIQ done and then you‘ll be all set to train.

And Robert when are you ever busy? hehe..

It took me the better part of my nearly two years in the CF to finally get fully MOC-trained as an infantry private.

BMQ is the first of several courses you need to finish, all of which I‘m sure have been discussed to death in the recruiting area, if nowhere else.

I‘ll keep the post relevant, though.

You can do one of two main things this summer:

1. You can complete the REST of your infantry training (assuming that is your trade).

2. You can do nothing at all, in which case your regt will probably fill your spot with someone else, and you‘ll have to wait until the next courses come along. In the meanwhile, you will be severely restricted in what you can do with your unit.

A personal experience, for a moment. When I was on BMQ, I had to wear the CF cornflake capbadge like everyone else, and my unit did NOT want me parading with them while I was on course - although some other units allowed their BMQ candidates to do so, as members of "B Coys" or training companies.

My BMQ was on weekends, like yours. Some weekends, we were told to wear our epaulette slips ons. The only ones I had been issued said "48 HIGHRS" on them. This (rightly) annoyed many instructors, who deemed that no regimental associations should be allowed at all. So we had to ALL wear "CANADA" slip ons, or no one wore ANY at all. This changed from weekend to weekend, depending on the personalities in charge and who was making the decisions, but generally those slip ons were not on my shoulders very long.

Finally, when I got BMQ out of the way, we went off to summer camp for SQ and infantry MOC courses. At SQ, we kept the cornflake, and were still not allowed any regimental slip ons (although again, they eventually relented and allowed us to wear them to make it easier to identify us, I think). Had I joined the GGFG‘s, I would have been badged with the regimental badge, as is their tradition. Eventually, the GGFG recruits on the SQ course were de-badged by the Directing Staff who demanded uniformity over regimental traditions. This was, after all, Land Force Central Area Training Centre Meaford, not 31 CBG.

After SQ, I felt proud to have earned the Infantry cap badge. I knew I wouldn‘t have it long, as I was going to finish the infantry course in 4 weeks. But there is an undeniable sense of accomplishment as you move from one phase (SQ) of training into a new, deeper phase (infantry). You were part of a select group. Infanteers, like all trades I am sure, feel deep sense of pride in their belonging to that special group. You will learn things that other trades will not get to learn, and it is usually fun stuff (like M203 grenades and 60mm mortars).

The progression is capped off when you finally pass your MOC and have honestly and rightly earned your regimental capbadge (or in the case of the GGFG‘s, re-earned it). I am still a newbie in my regt, and am still in "mouth closed, ears open" mode, but nothing can take away the fact that I earned my badge and am an infanteer.

So, make your choice, spend your summer wisely. If this is what you want, get it done as quickly as possible, get stuck right in and absorb all you can like a sponge. When you‘ve earned the capbadge, you‘ll know your part of the regimental family.

Nothing against the cadets, but when I see the regiment‘s cadets, I can‘t help feeling just a little put out, because they were rank and wear the capbadge, but are not sworn members and are not MOC qualified. I know I shouldn‘t feel that way, and I would never hold it against them - it‘s an important youth experience that will serve them well.
Unless they changed things, BMQ only includes the C7.

My BMQ had three weekends of SQ stuff attached at the end (after our grade parade). The purpose of this was to get the C9/C6 out of the way. Two weekends were the in-class stuff, and the third was the range weekend.

They did this to make the summer SQ one week shorter. This way, all the summer training was done by August 15, and we then could go straight into the MILCON (militia concentration exercise) afterwards.

Expect something similar in your area. They may compress things, move things around, etc., in order to make sure you are done by the time your area has their concentration. It seems that for the staff running these things, the more numbers they get, the better, so look forward to a long summer.
Well thanks for the information.

I‘m going to get kitted on the 9th of Feb, so i‘m pretty excited about that, but I reckon the novelty of it all will wear off shortly.

One more quick question: How am I supposed to know where to meet and what to do? Will they call me before I am supposed to do BMQ with details?
Well Usually Youll be Given Joining Instruction By said Unit Containing

Times/Dates , Misc Info And Kit List
Originally posted by AlphaCharlie:
[qb] I‘m going to get kitted on the 9th of Feb, so i‘m pretty excited about that, but I reckon the novelty of it all will wear off shortly. [/qb]
Haha, the novelty of having all of your kit will wear off right about when one of the M/Cpl‘s decides its time to lay out all the kit on the armoury floors in exactly the same way, and then pack it up and lay it out..and pack it up again...then lay it out...until everyone figures out that Pte. Bloggins figures out his gask mask bag wasn‘t closed and corrects him.
Well it's now official I'm now a Private Recruit!!!! It was a proud moment! Had some of my loved ones there and of course they took pictures...Now it's off to St.Jean!!

Cath :cdn:
Cool, congrats!!! Hopefully I will in that position one day!