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Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

alpga charlie  ... your comment  about you only  being reserves is a disservice to  yourself,  the unit  & all other  past  present & future who chose to serve with any reserves unit
the one thing I cna't stress enough is DONT MAKE EXCUSES when you screw up just say you screwed up and you'll try harder never say you didn't have enough time to do something just except responsibliltie when you mess up
Hey guys. I just got back in from getting sworn in at the Oshawa armouries. Im so happy Im finally where I am right now and I cant wait for BMQ on Nov. 2nd. tons of paper work though!

Our plane leaves on the 31st (halloween) at 11:00 and I just wanted to know who all was going to be there and what regiment you are going to be in afterwards. Im going PPCLI
ah crap theres already a thread for this.... sorry moderators  :-[
too excited, i had to tell someone lol
Hey bigwig you said you got sworn in at the Oshawa Armory right? If im thinking of the right Oshawa its near Whitby right? Why did you get sworn in there if you going PPCLI
Yes Oshawa is right beside Whitby. I was supposed to get it done in Toronto but the recruiter said some people were on strike or were protesting or something along those lines outside of the building... so they put me in Oshawa (which is better because thats where i live anyways).

There was 13 guys there, 2 guys were going navy, 2 Engineers and the rest were infantry (6 of which were PPCLI and 3 were going RCR). I was surpirsed to see as many PPCLI guys as I did...
Hey man, Congrats!! Great job! :)

My name is Chris La Pointe, I'm 20 years old.

I've sworn in already, on October 14th in Kitchener Ontario. I will be leaving by train sunday 840am on a train to Quebec. I transfer in Toronto, so maybe I'll see someone from this forum on the train? I am going Regular Force, Infantry, headed to The RCR. My course starts November 2nd.

Congrats everyone, good luck, I'll see you there.  :cdn:
I also fly out on Halloween same time so I guess ill meet you on the plane , I got sworn in in TO no strike there  ;)(OCt 27) , i heard it was a pretty big ceremony in Oshawa ,  haha only I and this other guy were sworn in both PPCLI although he goes on the 14 of November whilst I depart in 3 days , haha the Kitchener(sup Chris) fellas have to take the train . Cheers to everyone and ill see you on the bright side . :salute:
HAHA, what's up buddy?

AHHH MOTHA-LAND!!!! haha see you in a few days bud. :cdn: :dontpanic:
Oh man this is gonna be good! Ill look around for us guys on the message board because we need to kill 2 hours, might as well get to know eatchother since we're gonna be sharing a fox hole in a little bit ;D
See ya at Pearson!
Hey I know how we can kill some time ............ bring POGS and magic cards  :dontpanic: :dontpanic: :dontpanic: hahaha >:D i can crack myself up sometime
yo, i was sworn in with you, oct 27th :)
I leave for basic Nov 14th tho :(
weird to know someone from this site was there and i didn't even know.
Howdy everyone.   I received the call today to report this weekend for swearing in.   From the day that I submitted my application to the day I got the call was about 6 months, and everything went pretty smooth.   I'm going to keep posting as I continue with the adventure!  After I am sworn in, I think it will be appropriate to change my avatar to KOCALGR... Cheers, JF

..from what ive been reading in these forums... it seems that my recruiting process has taken a considerably shorter amount of time compared to most other people.. i first walked into the unit and applied directly on November 30th, and even with a few medical concerns regarding depression where my file was to be sent off, i got the call around January 18. i was sworn in last night, january 26th, and im starting BMQ on friday .. january 28th.. the process seemed to go pretty quick compared to a lot of others  :-\

so 3 months minus 2 days  :)
Howdy everyone.  I was sworn in today and my sponsoring Lt. asked me to join right in and start working right away.  The enrollment process might be slow, but once you're in, you're IN.  The unit I've joined (KOCR) seems like a really great bunch, and I'm very happy that I made the decision to join.  To anyone who reads this and is thinking about joining, I've got to recommend it!
Cheers, JF!
So I am off to wainwright soon, I am thinking somewhere in July. I am going in on parade night as they instructed me to, along with ALL of my kit, and apparently they are going to teach me how to put my hair up properly, how to polish my boots.. etc.. Does anyone else have the same instructions? Or are there any people that are going out to Wainwright?  :cdn:

Is the uniform part of the kit?..  Or do you not get that until BMQ?

The uniform came with my kit.. along with 2 extra uniforms (CadPad as well -- some people were saying that we initially get the old ones, but that wasnt in my case). I got 2 parade boots, gortex boots, and the whites..

Now I am just waiting for my Beret and Webbing and Tac Vest to come in
ya I got told pretty much every day my hai was a mess and I have bangs but they don't care there really isn't a specific way to do it just pull it up and glue it back unless in the field cause it'll attract bugs but have fun it'll be a blast it always is
The easiest solution to hair styles.... do what I do.... hair clippers on 1/4 inch setting, BUZZZZZZZZZ  :salute: ;D