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Just got sworn in... what to expect at BMQ?

I have to report on the 27th of September so i'm leaving on the 26th to make sure I'm there on time. :cdn:
Hey I just wanted to say I'm finally getting sworn in to the reserves as a MED A. I am very glad I got accepted and my ceremony is Thursday the 23rd. I also wanted to thank this website and its suers for helping me out with all of my questions and concerns. Thanks a lot wow this place is helpful.
P.S. Oh and if anyone wants to know know how long it took for me to get in, it was from mid April to september.
Congrats, it took some time by the looks of it, but it's definatly worth the wait.
Im just curious as to what day you recived your call? Im waiting to get my call any day now and I was wondering if they only call between mondays and thursday because (if im not mistaken) those are the only days the CFRC is open.
recruiting center didn't call me. my regiment called me and said we got your infomation now. Come to be sworn next week.
They called me last thurday( parading their for my regiment). Also its 12th medical company. Im going in as a MED A.
Hey congrats. I got called last night and am getting sworn in on Thursday as well (R031). Good luck!  ;D
Anyone know roughly how long the swearing in cerimony will take? I'm not in a rush or anything, but I have to take the morning off of school as it is at 8am, and I'm just wondering if I'll make it for some of my last period classes. IIRC the kit draw is the day after...so how long do you guys roughly think it will take?
Congrats to all you guys joining the team its good that we are getting more members. The swearing in ceremony will only take at the most an hour. All you do is swear your alligence and sign a few papers with your CO, then your done. So no u wont have to take the afternoon off.
Private Recruit Cath Taylor, you sure must have liked the sound of that after all that waiting

Congratulations  :salute: and good luck

As for me im gonna be here on the 27th  twidling my thumbs lol.

Work hard, have fun, enjoy it.

You deserve it.  :cdn:  :salute:

BIQ  &  six month in... i was  issued my regimental cap badge  i was  swore in  01 may 1997  & got issues my cap in oct 1997