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Name This Ship!

Not one of the Princes' ships.

Prince David off Juno Beach 6 Jun 44. The LCA's where not from this ship - either the Lairds Isle, Canterbury or the Llangibby Castle.
Oldgateboatdriver said:
Hello HMCS PRINCE ROBERT, how are you doing?

Recovered from  carrying all those Hong Kong P.O.W. in WWII? Is your captain back from representing Canada at the surrender of Japan ceremony?

Neither Robert, David nor Henry is in the ship's name. 
NFLD Sapper said:
The Grand Trunk Steamship Prince George

Or as it was known during its RCN service (about one month), His Majesty's Canadian Hospital Ship Prince George.  The previous picture was in its wartime naval paint scheme (the captain wasn't aware that red crosses were the sides of the ship and not just on the funnel).  This is the ship in normal livery.
it has been a while since this thread has had some action:

What are the names (or classes) of the 3 ships in the picture.
Which harbour are they in? 

The month/year of the picture is July 1967.



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That's Malta! I haven't yet Googled the ships though.

The carrier and the destroyer look British, UT the maintainer in the foreground has an American Whidbey Island feel to it.
With the Grand Harbour, Malta being easily identified it didn't take long to find this photo that included HMS Victorious, the Italian Navy's guided missile destroyer Intrepido, and a U.S. Navy Casa Grande class dock landing ship..
Blackadder is bang on.

And of course any sailor worth its salt identified Malta right away.  ;)

Considering the time and location, the fact that the Casa Grande class ship has received the 1960 to 1963 upgrade made to half of the class and this is an allied port visit (probably post exercise in the Med.) the Dock landing ship is probably the USS San Marcos.

Anyway, the ball is in Blackadder's court.
All correct. There were, apparently, 4 UK escorts in the area but not in the harbour at the time.
Not sure about the NATO exercise, but according to this declassified US report, the Brits were hesitant to use HMS Victorious to test Nasser's resolve over his blockade of the lower Suez. There was also a fairly strong UK amphibious group off of Aden (Yemen) led by Hermes that was caught up with supporting the fight against the insurgency.  Victorious was in the med after having just departed Aden. 


Easy peasy!

That's the Soviet Navy SSV-33 Ural.

You shouldn't select ships that some in these fora have shadowed at some time in their past.
No one contradicted my answer (and should anyway since I know damn well i am right on this one  ;)).

So I'll go next:

Country, type, class.



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It's not by any chance ex USS John Rodgers, ex Mexican Navy Cuitlahuac, Fletcher class DD?  There is some similarity in the silhouette.
Unfortunately, Lumber, it's as big a picture as I could get.

Think of it as the old side views taken from 5 miles out and printed in a 2 inch by 3 inch square in the "Naval Recognition Journal" of the 70's and 80's.  ;D

There are enough hints in the picture to help make some searches. For instance, you know it's not an aircraft carrier or a submarine  ;D.

Negative on that Blackadder.
Might be a Forest Sherman class in original configuration. Cant quite make out what the platform is just forward of X turret. That little platform doesn't look like either a platform to mount a twin 3 inch mounts (maybe they are not installed?) or a fire control radar. Hmmm...
That's a negative, Cloud Cover.

This is not an American ship. Go West, young man - West of North America, that is.


Look at the difference between the funnels on the pic and the ones on you model.

Hint: Look at the bow.