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Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

hmmmm thought the change only happened when you qualified for spec pay. At that point you become spec pay IPC 0.  If mbr is Standard IPC 4 and they switch to Spec pay they will be IPC 0 and their IPC date becomes the day they switch. 

edit:  http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dgcb-dgras/pd/pay-sol/spoipfn-pdmeopls-eng.asp

This is the direction for Admin of Spec pay.  You remain at the Junior level (no spec pay) until fully qualified.  When qualifed you are then switched to the spec pay and your IPC date changes.

Ask the clerks for the regulation that says your IPC date is supposed to be changed prior to you receiving spec pay.  A quick search didn't come up with anything.

Maybe one of the reasons this is happening because I had a screw up with my pay and they put me spec on the date I switched to new trade. Took a couple of months to sort it out and I got back to standard IPC but the clerks I talk to here all tell me because I did a VOT my new IPC date is the official VOT date but my seniority date stayed the same and I stayed the same IPC. So the way it looks now, I have been Cpl 1 since March, my seniority date is March but I will get a IPC increase only in July.
If it was me I wouldn't settle for the pat answer - politely insist they show you the policy.  Any clerk worth their salt would not be put off by such a request. It's your money so you have every right, in fact you are ultimately responsible, to ensure your pay is correct.  There may be a policy that came out I am not aware of but at the moment I can not think of any reason why your IPC would not increase on it's due date other than the initial screw up where they gave you spec pec.  If they can't find the regulation then ask that they send an enquiry for clarification to DCBA.
My VOT from infantry to Finance while with pres did not change my IPC date.
Count, the clerk basically cited CFAO 49-4 and said that my new seniority date is the VOT date. I asked her why it hasn`t changed on my MPRR, she couldn`t give me an answer and just said something about it not being entered. Basically if I have an issue with that, I`ve been told to go thru my chain of command. I couldn`t find anything really in that CFAO where it states that seniority date changes on VOT.

Certain clerk functions can not be actioned at the local level (OR/SHO). Because of this, there are occasions that a clerk who does not know better, will shift off the action responsibility onto the member or their CoC. You can go through your CoC, but often despite CoC best efforts their will most likely get frustrated in what is essentially your personal administrative issue, that is not your fault. If you truly believe you are entitled to pay or benefits, cite the reference, what action or inaction has occurred and ask to speak to the OR/SHO 2i/c and higher until you get an answer with references that you (and your CoC as needed) are satisfied with.
49-4???  Ask them what that has to do with IPC.  It is the policy on seniority for promotion which is a different kettle of fish. You want the regulation that states your IPC date changes on VOT. I have only seen a few VOT's including my own and the IPC date did not change for any of them.  The regulation I found is actually in CBI 204 -

CBI 204.03(6) is the place to start and refers to the other ones.

A quick read gives the impression that your situation is correct as they do not specifically mention time credit to next IPC and CBI 204.015(7)(b) does state "has completed one year of qualifying service, or after such lesser amount of qualifying service as may be authorized by the Chief of the Defence Staff."  This is where your VOT message comes in.  The message should contain a line stating your rank, IPC and IPC time credit which is the "lesser amount of qualifying" part. Depending on what is in your message you may have to submit a request for the IPC time credit - sometimes it does get left out.

Go higher - ask for a meeting with the CC and go over everything including the incorrect policy provided.  Ask them if they will verify with Ottawa.

Thanks for the info Count. I went to see the pay people today and they called the number on my message to detemine pay and IPC in Ottawa so hopefully I`ll have an answer soon. As for 49-4, on my VOT message it says IPC to be determined by 49-4. I read thru it and haven`t found anything there at all.
Let us know the result, if there is something that says your IPC date is to be changed I would like to know in case I have to deal with it in the future.

The post gave most answers I needed.

How is income tax calculated since you are not in any of provinces?
As CDN Aviator said, you are taxed according to the province of your principal residence, ie: BC, ON, QUE, NS etc.

Just like a normal civil servant, your T-4 is fairly detailed and has everything you need. It's when you are deployed in an operational theatre where there are tax free benefits that it gets a bit more complicated. But, your T-4 has all of that too.
As requested, I just got an email saying that my pay has been adjusted to reflect change of IPC on 22 march instead of 13 july.

So basically IPC date doesn`t change on OT if you stay the same rank.
Thanks for the update and fighting the good fight.  Glad to hear it went your way.

IPC increase 22 Mar and 1.5% 1 Apr - rich bugger now!!  ;D
Hooray ;) Actually the 1.5% tricked me for a second as I thought I had the IPC increase but then I saw it wasn`t
MSEng314 said:
Degree affects your pay: 3 year degree = level 1, 4 year degree = level 2, masters = level 3 etc.

As far as promotions goes, it depends on the trade.

I just came across this thread and thought the above post was interesting.  I've never heard of this but was surprised that nobody on the forums 'refuted' it as well so perhaps there's a grain of truth in it???  Does somebody have a reference for this about when and were this would apply?
This applies when you are a 2Lt.  At least it did for me.  I was receiving a higher scale of pay (same IPC) as someone else with identical join date - only difference was that I had a 4 year Degree and he had a 3 year.
Mr. St-Cyr said:
Helps when you commission from the ranks as well: 2Lt (B) pay scale.

What trade?  What rank upon changing over?

I have never seen a CFR go to 2Lt, only a brief stop at OCdt for some before going to Lt or Capt.

Typically in the Infantry CFRs are offered at Sgt-MWO level (not all, but the bulk of the bell curve).
As far as reg force pay scales are concerned for the 2Lt rank level the following applies.

Pay level C is what DEOs receive.
Pay level D is what former NCMs receive
Pay level E is what CFR's receive.

I beleive A and B is for ROTP and CEOTP though I dont know which is which.

The same is also true at the Lt level.  At Capt everyone receives the same.