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Purchasing Combat Boots in NCR


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Good day all,

Can you advise what store has the best inventory of combat boots in the Ottawa area? I stopped at Fundy Tactical but they had nothing in my size (female 8). They said they would order in a pair for me to try but I never heard from them again.

Currently wearing a pair of Swats that don't fit properly that I ordered online. I have challenging feet and I don't have the patience for the multiple returns that are required to find footwear online that doesn't hurt. Right now, I honestly would rather wear oxfords. Your advice would be appreciated.


There's a place in the vicinity of 417/Carp Rd called Millbrook. Not sure what they carry these days, but maybe worth giving them a call.
Canex has boots as well, they seemed to have a fair variety of sizes in stock when I went.
Millbrook thinks they can take care of my troublesome feet. I have an appointment on Thursday. :)
I was very impressed with Millbrook. The salesman knew his stock and understood military requirements. I think I'm going to be comfortable in combat boots for the first time since someone stole my mark 3s. Their president is a woman and so they try to ensure they stock smaller sizes. I won't be out of pocket either.
Did you find smth suitable for you? I'm always struggling with finding comfortable footwear, as my left foot is wider than the right one. I'm looking for something similar to this pair https://rockroosterfootwear.com/collections/ak-australian-collection of workboots. I've been wearing them for almost 2 years, and they're still in good condition even after testing them extensively. In all honesty, it's going to be hard for you to find such a durable pair of boots because they wear out extremely slowly. However, they can withstand work areas with the most challenging external conditions, and it still as good as new.
I ended up with Lowas, which are apparently very popular with military members. I'm surprised by their comfort level. I have difficult feet that are a bit thicker (not wider), top to bottom than the norm but using a hair dryer to help form the boots to my feet (recommended by the salesman) worked very well. I'm told they are durable as well, but I work in an office so that was not a major concern.