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Updated Army Service Dress project

I was thinking this:

Don't tempt me to reply with multi-colored Army wedge caps
That looks about right.
Around the turn of the century, the Stetson was popular with cowboys, prospectors, and other settlers in the Canadian West, (including British Columbia and the Yukon). Back when the NWMP and other Canadian military units came west, they quickly ditched their pillboxes and tall pith helmets for the Stetson, which actually protected one’s head from the elements.
From the Canadian War Museum with regards to the Stetson.

Canada & The South African War, 1899-1902

Uniforms & Equipment

The Stetson Hat


Except for Canada's First Contingent, which wore cork helmets, the Stetson was issued to all Canadian units sent to South Africa. It became the piece of uniform most readily identified with Canadians, and served to distinguish them from other imperial troops serving in the British Army in South Africa.

During the South African War, apart from the 2nd (Special Service) Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry, all Canadian units that served in South Africa wore Stetsons. The hat became firmly identified with Canada and the Canadian military presence in South Africa.

Ironically, the hat was a product of the John B. Stetson Company, one of the more successful nineteenth-century American head wear manufacturers. Made of tan felt, with a large flat brim, and an oval cylindrical crown with indentations, it became very popular amongstcattle drivers of the western plains. Its trade names of "Boss of thePlains " and "Pony Hat " reflected its largely cowboy clientèle, and it is listed on inventories of stores of Canadian units headed for South Africa as "Hat, Cowboy." Stetsons had been wornunofficially by members of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) since1895, an increasing number of whom preferred it to the standard-issuewhite pith helmet. Its adoption for use by Canadian units in SouthAfrica was probably due to the fact that many members of Canada'ssecond contingent were former members of theNWMP.

When issued, the hat was provided with a silk, grosgrain ribbon hatband, and a leather lace. An optional leather, buckled hatband was available that could be worn over the ribbon. Many men also made their own customized versions from belts and straps. Tooled leather bands were also common.

The legacy of the Stetson's use in South Africa was its adoption as the official headwear of the NWMP in 1903. It had also been taken into use by the South African Constabulary. Formed by Lieutenant-Colonel Robert-Baden Powell in 1900, the South African Constabulary was a British military unit that included over 1,200 Canadians among its personnel. Baden-Powell, who had seen members of the Royal Canadian Field Artillery wearing Stetsons at the relief of Mafeking, ordered 10,000 directly from the American company to outfit his constabulary. This was also the style of hat that he approved for his Boy Scout movement in1907. Its continuing popularity is attested to by its recent adoption by the Ontario Provincial Police.
You know that a Stetson would look pretty strange on greens, but on a tan uniform ... We might be on to something here.

Having been an old school boy scout though, they do take some looking after and are hard to store in an overhead bin on a plane.

You know that a Stetson would look pretty strange on greens, but on a tan uniform ... We might be on to something here.

It probably won’t too dissimilar to this, sans riding breeches and Strathcona boots.

I, like many others before me, have had the privilege of wearing high collared scarlets with a Wolseley helmet and found that for parades in hot months, it did a great deal to make the heat bearable. The helmet in particular shielded nearly the entirety of my face from the sun, whilst allowing breezes to travel up and around my head.

On parade, I observed several hundred of my peers wearing DEU 1A with green berets. Despite almost not moving for several hours, I felt like I had the better end of the deal.

In summary - the Wolseley helmet is an excellent piece of kit.

Talking about breezes travelling places.....