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    MP student armbands

    ;D ;D Would make things a little easier in the long run.
  2. ZacheryK

    Accept offer or no

    Youll have to weigh the options. Squandering 5600 denaros sounds like a bad go, not to mention all the time Im sure you`ll be spending in the dog house for bailing on the old lady ;D ;D.
  3. ZacheryK

    What's the food like on course? (BMQ, DP, ect...) [Merged]

    Yes without question you will be fed. All thats left to consider is how much time you'll have to actually eat.  As for using the gym, I doubt youll have the free time on a PRes BMQ.
  4. ZacheryK

    Training Cuts

    It really depends on your trade and regiment, and weather your Regs or PRes. For instance, my unit and I just did our live fire exercise this past March. On this exercise each C9 gunner had 1200Rds link. I went through 450Rds 4Bit. I'm a PRes unit and it was the end of the fiscal year. If you do...
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    What book are you reading now?

    Lord of the Rings, Complete edition. J.R.R Tolkien
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    Canadian Soldier, Wife and Baby killed in Car Crash

    CTVNews.ca Staff Published Monday, March 23, 2015 9:05AM EDT Last Updated Monday, March 23, 2015 3:12PM EDT A Canadian soldier from Ontario, his wife and baby son are dead after a multi-vehicle accident in South Carolina over the weekend. The crash occurred Saturday night in the northbound...
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    Pushups- Try Reading Here First- Merged Thread

    I'm about the same height as you, not built like a barn, but still. I found that if I narrowed my arms so that they were right under my shoulders, and didnt flare my elbows out at all, it was a lot easier for me to do pushups. Even still, I only did pushups in basic, once I hit my Infantry...
  8. ZacheryK

    A "First Nations" Unit Merged Thread.

    I'd have to agree that creating Native Regiments like the Highland ones we already have, but not disallowing non-Natives from joining would be the only logical step to take. Segregating an Army has been a historically bad idea, because things like, I dunno, coups happen. Not to mention I can...
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    "Training to the test?" (split fm Res Hand to hand)

    Unfortunately the same thing happened in my BMQ and all through my trades training. We had a kid load his magazine upside down repeatedly, but somehow passed his weapons handling test. Same kid on our infantry course failed the BFT, withdraw from the defensive, and was kicked off the range while...
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    Tent heaters

    Jeepers. Cot and everything. Heaven forbid you have to pull pole in a hurry  ::)
  11. ZacheryK

    Tent heaters

    I'm not sure how standard it is, We've always used the Coleman camp stoves in our tents, and usually after everyone's inside 6/10 guys have a Jetboil or something similar. I find that makes things much warmer.
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    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    So you screwed your buddies to avoid a jacking? Or am I way out of 'er? ???
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    Domestic Terrorism/Public Attacks on CAF Personnel

    http://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/soldier-shot-at-war-memorial-in-ottawa The soldier killed was an Argyll. I knew I recognized the tartan. Rest easy Brother.
  14. ZacheryK

    The Eternal Debate- helmet scrim; fact or fiction

    Yes scrim because it breaks up the nice straight lines of your helmet. Also, just a thought here, there's something to be said about a section of cammed up, predator looking types attacking your position in terms of intimidation.