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GGHG in Toronto also has a Cavalry Sqn and do the same sort of "old school" cavalry training that the Strathcona Mounted Troop does:


Agreed with the post above, fencing is a good sport to work on mind, reflexes and aggression.  When you move from foil through epee to sabre it really becomes 'whole body' combative.
I have a question about damage to my cadet corps' sword. When it is out of the scabbard it has a funky smell, I have no clue as to what it is but I think it is coming from the scabbard itself. As well there is some damage to the blade, I don't really know how to describe it so I've attached some pictures.

Does anybody know what could be causing the smell and does anybody know what the damage to the blade is from? Any help would be appreciated.
You should never leave a sword in scabbard. In you must oiled it once in wild. The smell is humidity that starting rotten your scabbard.The blade is been damage by the humidity in your scabbard.

Too bad about your sword and scabbard....

This is just my opinion, but I'd see if I could get a new scabbard. An exact replacement if possible, perhaps your Quartermaster could assist?

As far as the blade goes, I personally don't mind a bit of honest wear. It looks like a decent polish would take care of most of it though. If you could talk a jeweller into hitting it with a buffer and some jeweller's rouge then I have no doubt it would throw light like a mirror once more.

Best Wishes,

Seems like Oxidation. I have a few swords in my home. I use this metal cleaner that is good for jewelry (so it isnt tough, and you may have to reapply a few times to get your sword up to standard) that I got from Canadian Tire. This cleaner (its like a blue paste, comes in a pressurized bottle or a squeeze tube) will eliminate the oxidation. Make sure to clean it all off as oxidation creates a slow burning process on most metals which overtime results in rust.

If you have noticed small little brown specs, that is rust beginning to formulat. However, the cleaner I metioned (sorry for not knowing the name of it, but Im sure if you gor to CT one of the emplyees will know) should remove the small rust spots. If that does not work, use rust remover (the light ones designed specifically for chrome, which will be found in the auto department in CT).

After doing all that, apply oil and good luck  :salute:!
You should put you scabbard in a dry place for a week or so. You should use steel wool to clean the blade  then have your blade polish by some one in the knife world.Then get your self a can of renaissance wax in wax's your blade.That will keep the humidity off the steel. In just keep your scabbard dry place that will stop the smell.        mike  :cdn:
Thanks for all the tips.

I am really fond of this sword, it is really quite nice. It is a cavalry pattern sword, marked Solingen, it has a really nice design on the blade and its got a nice sharkskin grip that is wrapped in gold wire. It has been with the corps for awhile, it was taken from our sister corps when we split from them in the 70s so I don't know how long it has been around. It has been passed from one RSM to the next, always in its scabbard and I think in the same old bag too.

Luckily the damage is limited to the tip of the sword and there is none on or near the decorated part of the sword.

Oh and if it makes a difference, the funky smell smells quite a bit like old pennies.
The coppery smell could be from the tanning process of the leather....

You might try sealing the scabbard in a plastic bag along with some baking soda. The kind that you put in your refrigerator. That might suck all the odour out.

It sounds like the sword itself will be fine.

Best Wishes,

don't use steel wool.... that will marr the surface / chrome finish of the blade

jewler's rouge is a good option to clean off the oxidation on the blade

musty smell - wet, moisture inside the sheath........ let it dry in the air, baking soda might work.... same as the odor eaters in your fridge...
You might try sealing it in plastic with a few silica gel dessicant packs to adsorb the moisture.
geo said:
musty smell - wet, moisture inside the sheath........ let it dry in the air, baking soda might work.... same as the odor eaters in your fridge...

Sodium bicarbonate is a salt... so I would avoid applying it directly to the blade... unless it doesn't damage metal (but I just assume it may)
The silica dessicant is a good idea for long-term storage of your sword and scabbard. Perhaps you might consider investing in a quality display case as well....
I was wondering if anyone here had experience with fencing, or if any of the bases have a fencing class or club?

Just curious, fencing is one of my hobbies....

Best Wishes,

Fencing would prolly be more something done by the students at RMC Kingston or the CMR prep school in St Jean ....

But, am taling without really knowing - have not heard of fencing on any one base on this side of the continent.
I've done Fencing, Kendo, and Iaido.  8 Wing did Kendo the first couple of years I was there, but the sensei got posted out.  I had started fencing in Toronto on the base there but it moved out to a civilian club in Etobicoke after about 6 months.

On the topic of swords, I'm looking at getting one for a friend of mine as a wedding present. He's an MPO, does anyone know if they use infantry pattern or another one?
What uniform does he wear?

At close to $1,000 each - he must be a good friend.
Zoomie said:
What uniform does he wear?

At close to $1,000 each - he must be a good friend.

I remember being told the RCN ones are up to $1500.  Either way....very good friend indeed.