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Uniforms / Re: Scale of issue for hot weather socks
« Last post by Jarnhamar on Today at 00:17:42 »
Unspeakable you say? Socks you say?? Brown you say?

I may (hey that rhymes with say) know a guy...

*cough*9.5 boot size*cough*
Uniforms / Re: Scale of issue for hot weather socks
« Last post by BinRat55 on Today at 00:06:57 »
I would do a lot of unspeakable things to get more of those socks. I never wear the sock system and love those brown socks.

Unspeakable you say? Socks you say?? Brown you say?

I may (hey that rhymes with say) know a guy...
in all fairness, so does southern Alberta.

WTF, do you mean by that crack?
Radio Chatter / Re: Funny Pix & Video Thread
« Last post by George Wallace on Yesterday at 23:43:16 »

"Buddy's 6 year old wrote him up her rendition of the mission of the Field Artillery."
Time to CLEAN UP this thread and return it back to what it was supposed to be.....NOT a thread to merge all questions on timings to; but to be A NOTICE, pinned to give the questioning newbie direction.
Canadian Politics / Re: The Khadr Thread
« Last post by Loachman on Yesterday at 23:06:31 »
This is the editorial that appeared in the Kingston Whig-Standard that I mentioned earlier, courtesy of the Toronto Sun:

Suddenly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the never-ending federal deficits is worried about spending too much of our money.

First posted: Sunday, July 16, 2017 05:13 PM EDT | Updated: Sunday, July 16, 2017 05:30 PM EDT

That was his latest explanation last week for his decision to settle Omar Khadr’s $20 million civil suit against the government for $10.5 million and an apology.

Trudeau says he understands Canadians are concerned about the $10.5 million payout and he is too, which is why the government made the deal.

Otherwise it could have cost up to $40 million, Trudeau said.

Where to begin?

First, there are some court cases the government should defend on principle, which is what many Canadians believed about the Khadr suit.
Second, the $29.5 million difference between $10.5 million and $40 million is the kind of money a skeptic would say the Liberals spill at lunch.
Remember Trudeau’s broken election promise that “modest” Liberal deficits over his first term in office would total $24.1 billion, with a $1 billion surplus in 2019-20?

Current Liberal projections put that figure at $93.3 billion, an increase of 287%, with a $20.4 billion deficit in 2019-20, $18.7 billion in 2020-21, $15.8 billion in 2021-22 and no end of annual deficits in sight.

So much for saving taxpayers’ money.

Third, while it may be accurate, where does Trudeau’s estimate of up to $40 million come from?

And where is the documentation to show Khadr’s civil suit has already cost taxpayers’ $5 million, as the Liberals claim?

Are the salaries of federal lawyers and civil servants who would have been doing other work for the government anyway wrongly included in those amounts?

Did the government hire outside lawyers? If so, let’s see their invoices.
Our belief is the Trudeau government settled because it wants the Khadr case to be forgotten by voters well before the next election in October, 2019.

After all, the trial would have included an examination of how the Liberal Jean Chretien and Paul Martin governments violated Khadr’s constitutional rights in 2003 and 2004, according to the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2010 ruling.

That’s why, we believe, Trudeau’s Liberal government was so anxious to settle the Khadr suit.

Not out of concern for our wallets.
Weapons & Ammo / Re: Gun Porn
« Last post by Jed on Yesterday at 22:32:55 »
Sweet. Why settle for the cheap stuff? I hope you won the lottery and didn't hold up a brinks truck. [:D
Modest Capability .....

50% of the requirement (2 vessels) or 33% of the hope.


Infinitely more than there was last month.

Actually I'm thinking more on the lines of this is a civilian ship vs JSS is a warship.  The capability gap is significant between it and the JSS.  It's supposed to do one thing.  Refuel and restock ships.
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