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I am finding it frustrating that many of these individuals were already on the radar of agencies or had been at one time or another when they committed these acts.  And the UK has so very many who are currently on the radar or known to authorities.  How can you effectively protect your citizens against that kind of threat without becoming Draconian?  I know my wife's family members in the UK are starting to wonder at the back of their minds if they'll run into something when they leave the house now.
The requirement from the navy is 3 to 4 AOR's.  I would argue that 3 JSS and an Asterix would be a near perfect solution.  But we make do with what the gov't gives us.

Pretty much an S.O.P. (Standing Operating Procedure) for the R.C.N.

For more details, read through the last 107 years of its history. 

Government = :rage:

R.C.N. = :salute:
Well, I hope our Brit brethren can get a handle of this.  Doubtful when your border is open though.

A good portion of the attackers in the events we’ve seen have been born and raised in the countries they attack, and in a number of cases have been ‘white bread’ kids who converted, often coincident with mental health, criminal, and drug issues. “Open borders” is a convenient scapegoat, but not born out by reality when one starts dissecting actual events.
It's just like NETP and before that OSQAB.  You'll need to learn how to be a soldier just as you needed to learn how to be a sailor.  It was the same for me when I crossed over from MP to HT in 99.
Military Police Branch / Re: The Military Police [MP] Superthread
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Is the BMQ-L Mandatory for all MPs?  I didn't even know there was a BMQ-L lol.... being navy my whole career and all.
Military Police Branch / Re: The Military Police [MP] Superthread
« Last post by garb811 on Yesterday at 23:27:49 »
So about a year for the whole process I guess. I put in my OT the minute the CANFORGEN came out this year (August-ish) and did my interview with the BPSO about a week after. Still waiting for the MP interview tho. How long after the interview with the BPSO did you get your MP one?

I'm in the same boat as you right now... sort of. Was in before, got out and am now re applying as a civy. I applied last October and am still waiting. Recruiting told me that they are running MP interviews this month (October) but I haven't heard anything back from them. Does anyone out there have info as to what's going on right now in the MP recruiting world? I'm totally in the dark for this application as many others seem to be as well. Thanks for any info or enlightenment.

Both of those are subjective questions that nobody on here can answer with 100% certainty because of how the system works now but suffice it to say, you have to be deemed suitable for MP before the Background Integrity Interview will be conducted.

So, for Danteh, since the VOT applications for MP aren't due in Ottawa until 10 Nov 17, the boards need to sit and merit all of the applicants.  After that, they will push out the BIIs to be done prior to offers starting to go out in May/June, with a QL3 start date of likely Aug 18.  "Best guess" is if you are suitable you will be contacted for a BII in the Marchish time frame if last year is any guide.

Coyote489, if you get a recruit school bypass there is a possibility you could be contacted in the next couple of weeks as they are lining folks up for vacancies on the January start.  If you need to go do BMQ and BMQ-L, then you will also likely be waiting until at least after the new year with you being lined up to hit Borden for your QL3 in Jan 19.
Well, I hope our Brit brethren can get a handle of this.  Doubtful when your border is open though. 
The French support was the difference and saved lives. Half of the ODA were either killed or wounded,a loss the SF hadnt suffered. Training kicked in when the ambush began the only thing left to do was to assault the ambushers.

One can only hope they hot pursued the ambushers to the logical conclusion.... not doing so would encourage future ambushes.
UK facing most severe terror threat ever, warns MI5 chief

Head of intelligence service says more attacks are inevitable as Britain sees ‘dramatic upshift’ in Islamist terrorism
Britain is facing its most severe ever terrorist threat and fresh attacks in the country are inevitable, according to the head of Britain’s normally secretive domestic intelligence service in a rare public speech.
Andrew Parker, the director general of MI5, said the UK had seen “a dramatic upshift in the threat” from Islamist terrorism this year, reflecting attacks that have taken place in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.
The spy chief said: “That threat is multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we’ve not seen before.”

He added: “It’s at the highest tempo I have seen in my 34-year career. Today there is more terrorist activity, coming at us more quickly, and it can be harder to detect.”
Basic Training / Re: Meals at BMQ
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I'm anxious to see the follow up post to this after he's recoursed.
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