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US Military / Re: USAF Woes
« Last post by dapaterson on Today at 22:58:51 »
So where should the F-22 be uniquely employed?

Airshows.  And low-level flight, where the ongoing problems with the oxygen supply won't be as risky.

US Military / Re: USAF Woes
« Last post by Good2Golf on Today at 22:49:37 »
So where should the F-22 be uniquely employed?
Combat Elements / Re: Chariots on Fire by Maj Cole Petersen
« Last post by Jarnhamar on Today at 20:57:17 »
After reading about namer it looks great

Told you

Combat Elements / Re: Chariots on Fire by Maj Cole Petersen
« Last post by Infanteer on Today at 20:44:00 »
I wonder how significant the redesign would be to mount the engine in the front.
US Military / Search For New MBT and IFV
« Last post by tomahawk6 on Today at 20:39:03 »
I guess its smart to couple the replacements as they will be in combat together.

Je suis actuellement dans le processus afin d'entrer dans le métier de Spécialiste des systèmes de communication et d'information. Je suis à l'étape de prendre un rendez-vous pour mon premier test. J'ai 2 questions. Premièrement, j'aimerais avoir l'avis d'un militaire qui travaille/ayant travailler dans le domaine à savoir comment une journée dans ce métier est. J'aimerais entendre ce que les gens sur le terrain ont à dire sur ce métier. Ma deuxième question est reliée au fait que le métier est présentement en demande par l'enrollement direct (chose que j'ai fait). Jusqu'à quel point les FAC font de la recherche active sur des métiers "en demande actuellement"? Je sais qu'il est rarement possible de fixer un temps d'attente, mais si un métier est en demande, je suppose que le processus doit être relativement plus rapide qu'à la normal?

Merci beaucoup!
« Last post by Haggis on Today at 20:28:35 »
Okay Haggis, you can't ask a question like that & not fill us in on the backstory.   Seems a pretty specific question for there not to be more to it  <grin>

Backstory?  "It was a dark and stormy night..."   :D

None, really.  In the spring of 2017, I was off work for five months recovering from foot surgery. During that time I watched a lot of ghost hunting/paranormal shows.  It always seemed that the new owners/residents/tenants of purportedly haunted properties had no idea what they were getting into.  That seemed surprising.  So, I asked the same question on my personal Facebook page and got typically lawyeresque answers from my lawyer buddies.  Usually the folks on this site are more candid and forthcoming with help and information.

My wife and I actually went on a ghost hunting evening.  I learned two things.  First, ghost hunting is boring. It's like fishing in the dark.  Second, because most of the TV shows i watched during my recovery were produced in the USA and in English, I was surprised to learn that in Canada you can hunt ghost in both official languages.
Combat Elements / Re: Chariots on Fire by Maj Cole Petersen
« Last post by tomahawk6 on Today at 20:22:29 »
After reading about namer it looks great but its based on the Merkava which we don't have, namer is 60t and the Abrams is 70t but if you remove the 120mm gun I would like an Abrams version better.We have spares for that.I don't think you would need more than 250 abrams IFV's.Just a guess.
Scoring for all occupations is based off of: (1) CFAT; (2) TSD; & (3) Your Interview
Occupations requiring further testing (MP, MPO, NWO, PLT, ACSO, etc) takes the above scoring plus the score for the added testing into account.

Hi Buck. Is it possible to shed some light on the breakdown/importance of each component with regards to your overall score. For example, 60% based on Cfat, 20 % TSD, etc. How important is the ACS  and score received with regards to overall competitiveness, specifically for DEO aircrew trade applications.
Combat Elements / Re: Chariots on Fire by Maj Cole Petersen
« Last post by tomahawk6 on Today at 19:58:07 »
Good read.I guess the difference would be the terrain.If you are in a high threat environment from enemy ATW speed and overwatch are essential.LAV's would be fine in a low threat environment.Most of my experience is light infantry with mobility from helicopter or parachute then you are footmobile.I read the reports of Israeli armor having a tough go the last war they had.I think in the next war they will use attack helos with their armor to suppress the infantry and ATW threat I know I would.They have an aversion to casualties which might preclude infantry moving ahead of the armor. If there is a follow on to Bradley I wonder if we took an Abrams and made it a squad carrier with something like a 25mm gun and maybe eternally mounted anti tank missiles ? We know that would fit into a C17.
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