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See Reply #20.

Why not stay in for the whole ride?

Well I would hope to do 25+ but if something would happen or if my body could no longer handle it. I know there are other trades to remuster to, and I know that is what a lot of the Infanteers do when they feel like they can’t do it anymore.

(To Loachman: Thanks for the great reply! As to the comment along the lines of “finish high school at the very least - with the best marks”: I am definitely going to finish high school, I get good grades (mid 90s), but I don’t know if I should do University before joining or not. I have found all the threads about that, but mostly it is personal preference for each different individual.)

(To Tango2Bravo: I know, I should do what I want to do, but I want to make sure that I have a plan and that I am not doing something that I will get injured and then not have anything to fall back on.)

I am just trying to be realistic for the long term.
Basic Training / Re: BMQ 2017 - Regular Force
« Last post by SlickHandzAVN on Today at 03:21:11 »
Hey all, expecting offer within next two weeks.  From London RC.  Perhaps ill be Nov 13 as well.
I have no idea what or whom you are replying to, but it would seem that you may not have made the right phone calls, or have your 'incidents' mixed up.

I think that he meant that particular incident in the subject article.
Those are just the peace time hazards. In wartime, somebody is also going to try to punch very high velocity holes in your vehicle. The human body reacts poorly to that scenario.
Infantry / Re: Are the Infantry just a bunch of “grunts”
« Last post by Tango2Bravo on Yesterday at 23:37:47 »
Hello all, good morning,

     I have been interested in the CAF for some time now (I am 15 years old), I want to be an NCM because I want to be out in the field doing the cool army stuff and not riding a desk. I am interested in the infantry because they are the boots on the ground and the ones that really fight the wars. When I told my mother that I was thinking of joining the military she encouraged me to do so if I wanted (which surprised me greatly) but one of her comments was that she did not want me to “just be a grunt” because it won’t give me useful skills for later in life.
     I was wondering if our modern infantry was mostly grunts who don’t have half a brain? Or if our infantry was a fairly intelligent lot?
     Thank you in advance

EDIT: OFF TOPIC: How often are our infantry deployed on humanitarian aid missions? E.G. Haiti the other decade, or even Irma (and all of the current hurricanes)

Follow your joy.
Infantry / Re: Are the Infantry just a bunch of “grunts”
« Last post by Loachman on Yesterday at 23:09:11 »
Some transfer to other occupations for various reasons - they decide that they do not like the Combat Arms, want to do something different, see better opportunities elsewhere, or develop minor physical problems.

Some further their education, through various methods, and the CF will generally reimburse at least some of the cost (you can research that on here; I do not know the details). There are many NCMs with degrees.

Wise people begin planning for retirement right from the start. The pension is good, but one should make the maximum possible contributions to one's RRSP every year as well. If you buy a house early, you can most likely have it paid off by the time you retire. There are pitfalls to be considered, though - some people do very well when they sell, and some lose money. Research the area to which you are being posted.

When you marry, make sure that your bride also has a well-paying career and builds her RRSP. That'll set you up really well if you stay together, and minimize your financial pain if you split.

There are quite a few ex-military real estate agents, insurance brokers, and car salespeople etcetera especially near bases.

You've got a couple of years to go before you join. Take the time and make the effort to learn as much as you can, and build your fitness level.

And, at the very least, finish high school - and with the best marks possible.
Infantry / Re: Are the Infantry just a bunch of “grunts”
« Last post by mariomike on Yesterday at 22:42:32 »
I want to know some things that the infantry teach you that applies to civvy life after the forces.

See Reply #20.

Why not stay in for the whole ride?

Engineers / Re: What is the Combat Engineer Combat role?
« Last post by ConsideringCareers… on Yesterday at 22:11:27 »
What is the role of the combat engineer?

When the gunners run out of shells and the infantry runs out of missiles the role of the engineer is to grab 20 lbs of C4, run towards the enemy, drop the C4, light the blue touch paper and retire in an orderly manner to a safe location.

That gave me a good laugh

Thanks for the reply!
Infantry / Re: Are the Infantry just a bunch of “grunts”
« Last post by ConsideringCareers… on Yesterday at 22:08:08 »
Hello again,

I figured I will build off of this post (because this applies the same to it), I want to talk with my Mother about my desire (you could call it, I am 15 though, so nothing is set in stone of course) to be an Infanteer. She has been very very reasonable and accepting of my want to join the CAF, and that has made me very happy, but I want to be honest with her. I feel kind of bad telling her I want to be the one thing she asked me not to be, so

I want to know some things that the infantry teach you that applies to civvy life after the forces.

I also would like to know about your personal experience as you transitioned from life as an infanteer to a civvy.

Thank you in advance!

(P.S. I have not done a great deal of searching for answers for these questions as I want your personal experiences and stories and things like that, sorry for my ignorance, I simply don’t have time tonight but want to get these questions answered as soon as possible, if you know there are these questions specifically answered previously (but fairly recently) feel free to tell me to get a life and search it myself, or to leave links if you are feeling especially generous, sorry again for my laziness I just have more things to do before school tomorrow other than research hopeful careers.
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