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Recruiting / Re: Selection Dates
« Last post by Buck_HRA on Today at 10:12:14 »
Hi there

Any idea for the next selection dates for AESOP?


Hi Jewlz,

Welcome to the forum, most questions (like selections) have been asked and answered on here; prior to asking questions we ask that you spend some time looking at the posts (and FAQ's that we post).  In your case, your selection question was answered two above your post.

Q2: When are selections done?


Enjoy your time on the forum and best of luck in the recruiting process.
RMC, CMR, ROTP / Re: ROTP at Civilian University
« Last post by Buck_HRA on Today at 10:04:02 »
I am in a civ uni degree program with 2.5 years remaining. I’ve read that you are expected to go to BMOQ during the summer, my question is whether or not this is required. Firstly, the university has classes during the summer as well, meaning I could finish my degree quicker. The second reason that I would want to postpone BMOQ is because I am a single parent, and it would make more sense not to change my children’s living arrangements until after university (they would be moving to stay with my mother). Does anyone know if there is any flexibility in this regard? I would also like to know if it is possible to be accepted into rotp for the upcoming January 2019 semester.

The Recruiting Centre is always your best source of information.  I'm not a recruiter and my experience in this regard is decades old.  However, as a general rule, we like to get personnel through basic training as soon as we can.  Why would we invest in your education, only to have you fail BMOQ in the end?  The sooner we determine if you will make a suitable officer, the better off everyone (including you) will be.  Not to be too cynical, do you really expect the CAF to pay for the remainder of your education before you have proven yourself?  Although BMOQ is not an especially difficult course, one needs to do more than simply attend.  Thousands have passed.  Hundreds have failed.

In terms of funding your subsidized education, we work in fiscal years (1 Apr - 31 Mar).  Therefore, the likelihood of funding you for a semester is low.  If there is sufficient funding available for FY 18/19, there is a possibility you could be reimbursed for classes starting in Sep 18; however, that only happens if we didn't recruit enough last year and I'm not sure that ever happens for ROTP candidates (it's more likely with medical and dental applicants).  The most likely scenario is that you would be picked up for subsidization starting in Sep 19.

Sorry for the late jump in here, but to expand a little bit.
It's a requirement to do BMOQ your first "summer" in the CAF; be that prior to starting school or between the 1st and 2nd years that the CAF pays for.  If you do not attend BMOQ within that timing a Progress Review Board will be convened to determine if you can stay in ROTP.

As for the start of January 2019 - to do that you will need to enroll in the FY18/19 intake.  FY18/19 for ROTP is complete and closed - the CAF has started work on opening the FY19/20 campaign to enroll individuals for the September 2019 school year (doing BMOQ over Summer 2019).
From our Canadian Forces Health Services Support forum, for reference to the discussion,

ROC Data and the Golden Hour,120168.0.html

Rethinking the "Golden Hour" (A Bit)?,88721.0.html
I will note, the aircraft that was noted as having flipped over (visible in the 4 minute video that's circulating) is actually a gate sentry airplane - an F-15 at that.

I did a google-map look and found that aircraft with 3 others in a small park on the base.

The article suggest a NORAD regional centre has moved, not the command headquarters from Colorado Springs.
Great article over at War on the Rocks.  The data is out there to show that "the golden hour" changed the ration of killed to wounded on the battlefield from 1:4 to 1:10.  Aside from being another example of the use of analytics in the military profession, it also drove changes to battlefield medicine.  After Afghanistan, as we moved on to more traditional, regular warfighting scenarios, scenarios like a lack of air supremacy to an overload of the chain of evacuation due to a higher number of casualties were recognized, and it was commonplace to say "the golden hour doesn't exist."  The problem I saw is that it was often left at that.

The article attempts to explore some ways of enabling a golden hour in a regular combat scenario - primarily, improvements to prolonged field care, advanced resuscitative care, and long-distance en-route care.  Interested to hear the thoughts of the military medical professionals here.
Ships & Vessels / Re: Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ
« Last post by Swampbuggy on Today at 05:22:23 »
Just because you are staying close to shore doesn't mean that the waves are smaller.  And the Navy gets called out for rescue response which normally does not occur during calm summer days.  There have been many days when you started tossing your cookies even before passing sentinel hill in St. Johns.  No, what you want is a sea going hull.

Historically, the corvettes in WW2 were absolute hell in a blow.

So, in that case, what best determines the ability to handle the big water? Is it that anything below the size of, say, an ANZAC class frigate is undesirable as a secondary OPV? Or can you have a vessel under 1000 tonnes and under 200 ft long with stable sea keeping in the North Atlantic? How does the MCDV handle it, given it’s size and somewhat blunt Hull design? Reading up on the SENTINEL, it was designed to be able to operate in Sea State 4 and survive in State 5. It does have anti roll fins, as well. I’m not sure if the HERO does.
Northern Command Air Ops and North American Aerospace Command have been moved to Langley AFB in Va.
Global Politics / Re: On Political Correctness
« Last post by daftandbarmy on Today at 00:31:56 »
A thought on Political Correctness, drawn from a personal anecdote.

After I graduated from Bible College with my bachelor's degree in Religious Education, my family held something of a celebration of the fact. Beyond several members of my extended family, we had invited a number of my friends to high school. One such friend (whom I am happily no longer in contact with as a result) brought his girlfriend along. I'd met her before, so I didn't particularly mind. I wasn't entirely fond with her because something about her raised several warning flags, and it didn't take very long for me to gain an understanding of why.

My mother's father passed away in 1999 from cancer, and as he had spent his retirement as a carpenter, made many different objects - including the candy bowl sitting next to me at this moment. One such object was a piece of Christian iconography, which were three crosses joined together in a single piece. As he wasn't the most emotional person, it was difficult for him to speak with affection to anyone. But he was a man of a deep and real faith, so he had made five of these crosses, one for each of his children (the one he made for my grandmother is slightly different), as a symbol both of his love for his children, and his hope that they would have as deep a faith as his own - even if they did not hold the same beliefs.

The barbecue and event was going quite well to my eyes, so I didn't learn of this incident until some time had passed, but apparently the girlfriend took objection to the open display of this piece of art, and effectively demanded my mother remove it from her sight. My mother quite wisely refused, and they left rather rapidly shortly there after. I'm significantly understating things when I merely say that she took objection to this piece being visible. I have many friends with a variety of beliefs, including someone best described as a pagan priestess. All of them recognize a little thing called the sacredness of hospitality, of which this event was a remarkable violation.

A mutual friend later asked why I was no longer in contact with this particular couple, so I informed him of this particular matter. While he was at the same celebration, he was not aware that this had occurred. His simple response was a horrified expletive, to put mildly, because you just don't do that. Her hatred for even the slightest indication of Christian belief is still something I can't wrap my head around, because her personal past meant that she could look upon this symbol of a father's love for his children and be sufficiently offended that she demanded it be removed.

A lot of the troubles around certain hot-button disputes strike me as being ultimately the same thing in function - the projection of one's negative experiences into the assumed motivations of those one disagrees with. In all honesty, this is why I'm proud to have had someone tell me that they figured I would be offended if they suggested that I was trustworthy. Not because I'm a duplicitous individual, but because he was acknowledging that he could not accurately determine my motivations and reasons. In other words, he acknowledged that I was an inherently honest individual because I was very much like the fabled scorpion - he could not be certain that I would act in a fashion that would be beneficial to him, but he knew with certainty that I would always act in a fashion that was consistent with my own nature and character.

I extend the concept of hospitality being sacred to go beyond one's domicile, and include things like one's sense of self and intrinsic being. After all, if one does not feel at home inside one's own mind, one is in very dire circumstances indeed. I hold nothing to be more important on the personal level than the sanctity of one's own mind. How threatened must one feel when basic social interaction with someone who has a different background is determined to be inherently dangerous?

I put it this way - the problem with political correctness is neatly illustrated in the film The Hunt for Red October - isn't the Political Officer the first person murdered?

I'm not a religious guy, except when I swear, but I once dealt with an issue like this by signing up the offending party for a subscription to this magazine:

Feel free to poach my idea... :)
Ships & Vessels / Re: Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ
« Last post by YZT580 on Yesterday at 23:55:04 »
Just because you are staying close to shore doesn't mean that the waves are smaller.  And the Navy gets called out for rescue response which normally does not occur during calm summer days.  There have been many days when you started tossing your cookies even before passing sentinel hill in St. Johns.  No, what you want is a sea going hull.

Historically, the corvettes in WW2 were absolute hell in a blow. 
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