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Canadian Politics / Re: Run Up to Election 2019
« Last post by Cloud Cover on Today at 19:29:06 »
Maybe. But they are still going to carry Ontario, the east and a few metro areas in the west, so they stand a very good chance of being re-elected.
Global Politics / Re: The US Presidency 2019
« Last post by Fishbone Jones on Today at 19:27:22 »
Now Canada has the opportunity to escort tankers in troubled waters.

Canadian Politics / Re: Run Up to Election 2019
« Last post by QV on Today at 19:23:41 »
I don't recall any previous government being the complete train wreck this one has been, and in such a short time too.
I've got a Bombardier Traxter ATV I'm looking to sell. 😉
Mosin Nagants are a good, solid, hard hitting rifle for entrance into the shooting game. They are cheap, accurate and ammo is cheap and plentiful. It uses a 7.62x54 rimmed round. Almost identical to the .303 British round. The rifles are available in full length infantry models and carbine length models. Mainly and respectively, the model 91, 44 and 38. Plus lots of variants.
They are super cheap and easily modified or personalized. The rifles that come from Tula are typically refurbished to look almost new.

Think Commonwealth Enfields. This is a Soviet gun in the same genre

Bombardier is now just corporate jets and trains

BRP is Sea Doos, Ski Doos, and CAN AM different company now

Viking (Longview) is all of DHC 02-08 plus water bomber.  They are building the Twin Otter and just got an order for 5 new build water bombers, plus the end of the Dash 8 production orders

Mitsi will be the CRJ they want the engineers, service division

Airbus is A220 the old CS100

Ah, thought BRP was a subsidiary.  Happily stand corrected, although disappointed I can get a taxpayer/subsidizer discount on a Sea-Doo...  :(
For Mario Mike. (I don't know how to post a quote from a previous post). The HUSAR teams are a good start and the three municipalities (and the provinces and feds who have provided support and funding) are to be congratulated. But these three teams, for the entire country, do not represent any sort of level of adequate preparation. I stand by my statement. We, collectively, are woefully prepared for a major disaster and the only significant mobile, deployable and self-contained response agency is the CF.

I agree with the high-lighted part, OldTanker.

HUSAR is what we've got. I wasn't a member, but I was permanent on the Mass Casualty ( MCI ) multi-patient buses after 1980, and was well aware of our limited surge capacity.

Since funding is provincial, I don't know how it works in Vancouver or Calgary.

The challenge we faced was our funding was based on the census population, not the business day commuter population. As a result,  there were always more people requiring service than the system was funded for.

Add things like the Raptors parade, Pride, Caribana, Pearson Airport and Union Station, general tourism, 18 live lanes on the 401, etc. etc , many of those visitors are from out of town. 

I'll leave the Climate Change debate for its 118-page super-thread. But, in terms of weather, because of the density , a major snow storm can paralyze this city.

I know NYC relies heavily on their National Guard units during snowstorms.


Canadian Politics / Re: Run Up to Election 2019
« Last post by Bruce Monkhouse on Today at 18:51:45 »

, and that he had only provided her a donation of sperm without agreeing to support the resulting child.

That's classy.....

I didn't realize we were famous for our rifles?!
Considering the number of collectors in Canada that is really not a large number of weapons. Go to your local range on the weekend and you will probably at least hear of someone who has obtained or has one on order or be there demonstrating it for the others.  The price on eastern block weapons is usually significantly lower than European or American weapons of the same calibre and that by itself will make it popular.
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